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  • LOCALISATION Creating wealth, employment and range of career opportunities for struggling rural coastal communities whilst being aware of, and sympathetic to, environmental impacts.


  • EDUCATION Through education and training we are promoting the sustainable development of Irish seaweed to preserve cultural heritage and the natural environment to create a skilled, industry-ready work force.


  • CULTIVATION Developing new methodologies to ensure continuity of supply and quantity and quality control over high-value species and low cost market entry to support local communities.


  • INNOVATION Supporting the development of new products, from food to pharma- and cosmeceuticals, and new cultivation methodologies to meet the needs of the national and global market.


  • COMMERCIALISATION Building a commercial case for the sustainable development of Irish seaweed through education, innovation, cultivation, product development, job creation, networking, marketing and digital media.


  • GLOBALISATION Securing access to global markets for local seaweed producers and, through education and shared educational values, addressing global issues in ocean literacy.


Redrose Developments supports the sustainable development of Irish seaweed to preserve culture, language and the natural environment. Irish Seaweed is globally renowned for it's purity and high levels of nutrients. It also has an abundance of different species which are indigenous to the Irish coast.

We adopt a helicopter view of the management of our global resources, in particular marine resources, and specifically Irish seaweed. We contextualise these resources as ecosystems which support a number of life forms on which we all depend.

We are driving the debate on the sustainable development of Irish seaweed resources through education, innovation, product development, job creation, social media, marketing and increasing sales and use of Irish seaweed based products.

We are currently looking for investment in the development of this natural resource to realise its full potential and profitability at a local and global level.